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  • Potentially Yours
    Fri, Nov 12
    Solid Rock Cafe
    30+ Fun, creative, open minded and intentional way to meet singles like you. Share some laughs, play games & network at Potentially Yours.
  • Just A Taste - Healthier Alternatives for the Holidays
    Sat, Nov 13
    Your taste buds don't have to suffer just because it's a healthier way of preparing a favorite holiday dish. Come prep and cook alongside Percy Robinson of Diabeast kitchen. Hear his inspiring story of what led to his journey of choosing healthier alternatives, everyday.


Motivating, Inspiring & Servicing Communities 



M.I.S.C. Enterprises LLC was founded in 2020 by Amanda Doss, Eva P. Dangerfield and Michelle Mayers in the East Contra Costa County (Bay Area, California.)
M.I.S.C.'s mission is to motivate, inspire and service communities by providing event spaces to support community networking and recreational activities as well as by collaborating with various professionals to provide educational workshops to youth and adults. 

M.I.S.C.'s is a 100% women-run and black & brown owned business in which it's founders are three creative and professional women whom collectively have extensive experience in finance, behavioral health, education, and community service.

M.I.S.C. currently provides virtual financial literacy and health & wellness workshops and uplifts the community with their "Inspire Through Attire" clothing line in which all proceeds go towards community development. 

Our vision is to support and uplift the hearts & minds of others and to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Build Wealth

Financial literacy is an important subject matter that isn't taught in schools and often times, many individuals are not taught these critical life skills at home. 
What is financial literacy?

It is an awareness of how money should be spent and managed, and how it can be used in ways that would make a person more financially secure in the future.

Learning about it has a huge impact to us and helps us understand the value of money so we can handle our finances better.

Supporting members of our communities in becoming financially literate is the foundation to helping our communities thrive. 

M.I.S.C. has partnered with a professional financial advisor to provide free presentations to help close the wealth gap in our communities. 

Build Together

M.I.S.C. Enterprises LLC has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that partnership is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. All donations go towards community development.

Build Stronger

We support Contra Costa County communities through various initiative and projects. Please connect with us and let us know how we can help to support your efforts. M.I.S.C. is committed to supporting individuals and organizations in networking, volunteering and event planning.

Build Health

Studies have shown that underprivileged and undeserved communities are at higher risk of disease and illness as a result of limited access to information and resources regarding nutrition and exercise.
M.I.S.C. is passionate about collaborating with professionals & city officials to work with members of the community to improve quality of life. 

M.I.S.C.'s vision and future projects include building a community garden and bringing mobile dance fitness classes to parks and various locations within the community.  



Inspire Through Attire 

M.I.S.C.'s product brand was created to motivate and inspire people through  words of affirmation.

We are what we believe & speak. There is power in our words to uplift and heal as positive words lead to positive actions and ultimately to change. 

Part of our mission is to help strengthen our community by doing just that and creating tangible products that people can connect to, be inspired by and in turn take part in inspiring others. 

***All proceeds go towards community development***



Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together.

Serving Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Brentwood, Concord CA, USA

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